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Access control for leisure, swimming pools and sports clubs

Alphatronics offers a complete solution, tailored to your project

As an access control manufacturer, we can offer turnstiles, access control, ticket software, as well as parking management.

Private parking, access control and lighting control for a sports club

You want to automate the management of your sports club

  • Members make their booking by phone. The rights are granted to their membership card.
  • With this card they have access to the car park, can use the showers and control the lights of their terrain at the start of their reservation.
  • You save on energy costs and ensure a more efficient management of your sports club.
Alphatronics automatisering toegangscontrole sportclub

You want simple and efficient access control with tickets

Alphatronics can provide…

… museums, swimming pools, leisure centres, events,…. with simple ticketing, perimeter security (tripode, turnstile, …) and secure access control.

Alphatronics Ticketing voor museum

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