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Our AT-Platform and AlphaNet wireless network facilitate applications such as nurse call, access control, alarm reporting system, climate & process control, … The possibilities are endless.

The wireless network is used for home automation applications, nurse calls, wandering detection and geopositioning. It serves remote controls, wristbands, pull cords and push buttons.

The Alphanet wireless network is integrated in the hardware of the AT Platform. It’s a so-called ‘mesh network’. This means that there is one master antenna with multiple antennas located around the building. If one antenna should fail, the others will automatically reroute to the master antenna, i.e. the one-to-one relationship is replaced by a one-to-many relationship in order to guarantee the connection.

This is a clear example of smart technology: antennas automatically find their wireless way to the AT platform, low battery warning is reported and the AT platform checks at regular intervals if the wireless modules such as wristbands are still ‘present’.

This wireless network may prove invaluable during renovations.

Alphatronics - AlphaNet

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