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You would like to reserve your parking for customers and staff.

A parking system is invaluable for a hotel as it enables you to provide parking for your customers at any time.

Alphatronics parkeersysteem voor winkels en hotels
  • non-cabled solution
  • easy to install
  • modular system
  • unlimited expansion options


The Comfort Parking system restricts the parking time to a pre-set period.

Your customer will receive a ticket which allows him to park for e.g. 24 hours.

In addition, a ticket unit which issues new exit tickets may be installed inside your shop.


Alphatronics slagboom Torqus Medius grijs

Automatic barrier at entrance and exit.

Alphatronics parkeersysteem Comfort Parking inrit

Entrance column with push button and ticket printer.

Alphatronics Comfort Parking uitrit

Exit column with keypad and display or exit column with barcode reader/ swallower

Alphatronics Software + computer voor parking

Ticket unit at reception


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