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Bi-folding gates SpeedSnake

A unique patented cantilevered Bi-folding gate with direct transmission on each hinge section.

With this cantilevered Bi-folding gate, a unique patented development is available, in which the hinge parts are directly operated.

As a result, there is no mechanical friction on the hinges, so less wear, metal fatigue and energy loss, which results in an economical Bi-folding gate. 


  • Security in terms of physical protection.
  • The ‘SpeedSnake’ Bi-folding gates are the result of years of experience in the field of physical security systems and the technological know-how of Alphatronics.
  • Direct traction on each hinge section ! As a result, no energy-consuming mechanical transmission arms.
  • Reduced and optimised energy consumption !
  • With a wide choice of widths, heights and colours, these high-end Bi-folding gates harmonise perfectly  with all types of fencing.
  • These high-speed B-folding gates combining high operational safety and durability.
  • Thanks to its design and concept, the cantilevered Bi-folding gate is suitable for all applications where operational safety and security are required: industry, parking, logistics, airports and seaports, military bases, etc. 
  • Made in Belgium !
  • Fully cantilevered (no top or bottom rails). 
  • No rails with dirt accumulation or wear of mechanical transmission arms.