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Parking GPS synchro

Date time synchronisation for parkings via GPS

Correctly synchronised date and time are of crucial importance in time-based parking systems. A GPS receiver synchronises the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time. Local time is then calculated from this.


The GPS (Global Positioning System) consists of 24 operational satellites that orbit the Earth in six fixed paths, each satellite transmitting its own signal. The system operates 24 hours a day and covers practically the entire globe. Under ideal conditions, from 5 to 10 satellites will be visible at any one time.

Environmental conditions can play a major part in the number of satellites from which data can actually be received, however. Disruptive factors can include: high buildings, steel structures and wooded surroundings, as well as weather conditions such as rain, snow and fog. The internal clock compensates for these effects.


GPS Antenna:

  • Mounting: Surface mounting
  • Water resistance: IP67
  • Cable length: 150 cm
  • Connector: SMA-male
  • Receiving signals: GPS
  • Function: antenna for use in combination with the synchronization module


Synchronisation Module:

  • Housing: black plastic
  • Supply voltage: 12-24Vdc +-10%
  • Mounting: Din-rail mountig
  • Water resistance: indoor use


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