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Access control for waste recycling centres

Nowhere else in the world selectively collects such a high percentage of domestic and industrial waste than in Flanders. For 25 years, Alphatronics has been at the forefront of access control and specific hardware for waste recycling centres. Thanks to efficient access control and a differentiated pricing system amongst other things, Flanders has managed to recycle 73% of the waste stream. We offer our global partners our expertise. Alphatronics delivers durable and vandal resistant materials that are developed specifically for use in waste recycling centres.

Alphatronics slagbomen op recyclageparken

Simple system with access control at the entrance of the waste recycling centre

Access control for waste recycling centres using a (Belgian) ID card, smart card or RFID badge.

Every resident of a town has to right to a number of visits to the local waste recycling centre.

Waste recycling centre with weighbridges and a paying zone

Access control for waste recycling centres with weighbridges using a (Belgian) ID card, smart card or RFID card.

At a waste recycling centre with a paying and non-paying area, the car/trailer of the visitor will be weighed at the entrance to the ‘PAYING ZONE’.

After depositing the waste, the car will be weighed again at the exit of the ‘PAYING ZONE’ where the visitor will immediately pay at the payment column an amount based on the type of waste and weight.

Upon showing a (Belgian) ID card, smart card or RFID card, the visitor is able to exit the waste recycling centre.

Alphatronics Recyclagepark met weegbruggen
Alphatronics netwerk voor recyclageparken

Waste recycling centre Network

An intermunicipal and/or municipality often manages multiple waste recycling centres.

To allow efficient centralized management, Alphatronics develops tailored solutions.

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