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BinBeat - The smartest way to control physical access

The smartest way to control physical access!

Alphatronics goes IOT

In our living and working world of tomorrow, connectivity and therefore also focusing on IoT will be indispensable.

CREATING devices is one aspect. MANAGING the devices is equally important.

  • BinBeat allows you to apply access control to devices outside the network and manage them remotely.
  • The energy efficient BinBeat battery has a long lasting performance and can be charged with solar energy if desired.
  • BinBeat also ensures a secure collection and transfer of data.

Reliable, developed with care!

Because BinBeat is designed to be modular and adaptable to the needs of the customer and the use case, we are able to respond quickly to changing market demands.

Customization is key.

Sustainability is important: Alphatronics goes for industrial quality.

With BinBeat, Alphatronics wants to actively contribute to reduce the ecological footprint. Hence we selected recyclable materials.

BinBeat – Waste Management

Today we focus on waste management, where our potential customers are waste container manufacturers, waste collecting companies, software integrators and providers of total waste management solutions.

BinBeat helps you to manage your operational costs, and to work ecologically.

  • You can control the access to a specific container remotely
  • You will be alerted once the container needs to be emptied
  • You have full access to all the data stored in BinBeat (#dumps, weight/dumping, battery value, timings…)
  • You are able to create your own application by integrating our RESTfull API

BinBeat fits in all types of containers. Our engineers are ready to support you while setting up your solution!

Partnership with ArmMBED

We decided to collaborate with ArmMbed,
which turned out to be a perfect match.

Alphatronics develops hardware,
ArmMBED makes the hardware ‘SMART’.

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