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Extremely user-friendly Smart Parking platform to manage and operate parking spaces.

Smart Mobility Capacity

Alphatronics has entered into a partnership with Cegeka for this complete solution.

With over 25 years of experience in complex IT solutions, coupled with robust yet stylish hardware, and a continuous focus on learning, the latest technology and mobility developments hold no secrets for our experts.

In order to use the true potential of your parking spaces, we have the parking solution within Smart Mobility, called the Capacity Platform!

  • Full ‘ready-to-launch’ solution with hardware and software.
  • Ticketless and cashless parking based on ANPR technology and digital payments.
  • 24/7 > open up the capacity of your car park to a much bigger public (pay short-term parking) and/or new tenants (via subscriptions), and do so ­‘dynamically’ and ‘in real time’ with self-defined prices.
  • Offers your users additional mobility services ­(EV charging, bicycle parking, building and office management applications, etc.).

Easy-to-use multi-tenant software

Product Management

Define and manage your own parking products either in a rental agreement format for your tenants or short term parking based for unknown or sporadic visitors.

Smart Rule Engine

Blacklist license plates of drivers that are abusing your parking rules automatically based on historical data.

Tenant Management

Manage rental agreements per tenant, and allow tenants to manage and organise their own parking spaces.

Access Management

Control access for all of your parking facilities by means of easy-to-set-up ‘smart’ rules and ANPR-based entry/exit.

Capacity Management

Manage the capacity of all your parking facilities for all of your tenants and visitors.

Location Management

Get insight into occupancy rates, duration of parking sessions and other useful metrics per location and/or per tenant or driver types/parking spot types.


Get 360 degree information per each parking session at your facilities and have the possibility to execute multiple operational services remotely (such as starting or closing a session and opening the barrier).

Digital payments

Ticketless and paperless payment stations.


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