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Access control for companies, public sector and car parks

Car park barriers

Automatic barriers

The Alphatronics automatic barriers are designed for intensive use. Depending on the configuration, the barrier can be used as a simple stand-alone solution or as part of an extensive system, such as parking management. Discover also our wide expansion possibilities of the barriers.

Manually operated barriers

The Manubar is our hand operated barrier to provide access where low frequency of use counts, such as private areas (forests, recreation area, campsites…), companies, market squares, marinas…

Access control for car parks

Uncabled parking system for paid and private parking

Parking systems for private and commercial car parks

Private parking systems are often used for non-commercial car parks where the main aim is to prevent incorrect parking.
Depending on the infrastructure of your parking, you can choose between different parking scenarios.

If you want to make your parking fee payable, we offer a parking system with a payment terminal or a manual cash register.
The rates of a payment car park can be adjusted via a time schedule. In addition, subscriptions and free parking time can also be issued within a payment car park.

With a number of examples we sketch different possible scenarios.

Access control systems

Access control software

We developed the user-friendly web-based access control software ‘AT-Platform Enterprise’ for companies, industrial sites and the healthcare sector.

Are you looking for a solution to automate and digitise your logistics site? This is possible with the Peripass solution.

Access control hardware

In order to offer the most suitable hardware in all circumstances, our software supports various readers such as: RFID card readers, UHF long-distance reader, barcode readers, Eid and smartcard readers, as well as code keypads, mobile transmitters and remote control, as well as the SimonVoss ‘Smart Intego’ locks.

Full height turnstiles and tripod turnstiles

Full height turnstile and tripod turnstiles are access control systems designed to provide controlled access to secure areas such as entrances to industrial estates, sports arenas, military domains or other enclosed locations.

The Alphatronics turnstile is made of aluminium or stainless steel and combines design, reliability, safety and hospitality.

All our turnstiles are available in a single and double version and are very easy to install.

If desired, the turnstile can be pre-assembled on a pallet or diamond plate.

Our turnstiles can be equipped with various options.