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Nurse call systems are used in the elderly and disabled care sector, in individual or assisted living facilities in hospitals, service flats, retirement homes and psychiatric institutions.

As each situation is different and every call system is tailored to individual requirements, we are here to help you find a customized solution.

Alphatronics - draadloze zorgoproep
Alphatronics Verpleegoproep
Alphatronics - melding van een verpleegoproep op de smartphone
Alphatronics - afmelden van een zorgoproep aan deurbode

Receiving a nurse call by:

  1. A central computer
  2. A smartphone
  3. DECT telephone
  4. Tablet
  5. CareSign’ intercom
Alphatronics draadloze pols- of halzende om zorgoproep te plaatsen

Wireless nurse call

The mobile alarm button ‘SquareTag’ is a wireless neck or wrist transmitter with which you can send a nurse call at any time within the AlphaNet.

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