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Stand alone numerical key pad

Numerical code key pads are highly suitable for granting access to or identifying individual users or groups using secret PIN codes. PIN codes offer one major advantage: they allow for individual identification without the need to use a carrier (e.g. a badge).

A code consists of 5 digits per code. Choice between a fixed or a temporary code (max 24 hours valid).

Codes for the stand-alone keypad with temporary codes can be generated through the Parcom Software or trough an external applications.


  • 12 large clicking keys with a wear-resistant print operate the polydome membrane switch
  • Buzzer and LED or LCD indication
  • Solid design in 2 mm brushed stainless steel and aluminum
  • OctoLine design, can be combined with a range of other OctoLine modules
  • IP 66 Waterproof
  • Central Braille location point
  • Tested for more than 10,000,000 operations
  • Electrostatic protection


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